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4 in 1 BATTERY CHARGER (30A12V / 30A24V / 25A36V / 15A48V)

4 Stages Battery Charger

4 in 1 BATTERY CHARGER (30A12V / 30A24V / 25A36V / 15A48V) - . 4 in1 Battery Charger (30A12V / 30A24V / 25A36V / 15A48V)

4 in1 Battery Charger (30A12V / 30A24V / 25A36V / 15A48V)

There is a switching panel that can be switched between 110V ( 90-130 Vac ) and 220V (200-240 Vac); the primary and secondary transformers are isolated. 12V when the first LED lighting up, 24V when two LEDs lighting up and so on. When charging a device, it does not affect your configuration if you change the voltage. When the green lightbar reaches to 100% full, it means the battery is fully charged. You can end charging or keep it going on the floating mode. Please unplug the AC cord and the DC output cord if you wish to end charging.


  • Isolation system
  • Soft-start to reduce in-rush current
  • Output short circuit protection
  • Maximum current restriction
  • Minimum output ripple current
  • Minimum standby current
  • Over-voltage protection
  • Thermal fan auto speed control
  • Approval for E-mark/CE certified


  • Cars, carvans, jet skis, motorcycle, morotbike, smartphone, tracker, truck, outdoor products, marine equipments and systems

Input Voltag 100V / 220V,
2 Step Switch ( 90 ~ 130Vac / 200 ~ 240Vac )
Input Frequency 50/ 60Hz
Current (Without Load) < 0.1A
Maximum Output Current < 15A ( under )
Maximum Efficiency in Maxi. Power > 80% ( above )
Output Voltage 12V 24V 36V 48V
Maximum Ampere Imax 30A 30A 25A 15A
Maximum Output Charging Power 450W 900W 1000W 900W
Average Charging Voltage (Vblk) 14.7V 29.4V 44.1V 58.8V
Floating Charging Voltage (Vflt) 13.33V 26.6V 39.9V 53.2V
Protection Function Short Circuit Protection
Reverse Connection Protection
Over Thermal Protection
Voltage / Current Precision < 5%
The Longest Floating Charging Time No Limitation
Operating Ambiance Thermo In Full Load : -20 ~ 60°C
Operating Ambiance Humidity Maximum 95% RV , Not Condensing
Cool System Automatic adjust Fan according to inner thermo
Average Thermo in Housing < 70°C
Dimensions 300 x 223 x 101 mm Maximum
Weight 4.5 Kg

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Wenchi & Brothers Co., Ltd. is Taiwan 4 in 1 BATTERY CHARGER (30A12V / 30A24V / 25A36V / 15A48V) supplier and manufacturer with more than 30 years experence. Since 1986, in the Power Converters Supply Industry. Boat , Cars, Carvan, Jetsky, Motorcycle, Smartphone, Tracker, Van, WENCHI has been offering our customers high quality 4 in 1 BATTERY CHARGER (30A12V / 30A24V / 25A36V / 15A48V) production service. With both advanced technology and 30 years experience, WENCHI always make sure to meet each customer's demand.

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